Survey in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech.
We have made maps for 4 world championships! Namely World Masters Orienteering Championships 2005 in Canada, World Orienteering Championships 2005 in Japan, World University Championships 2004 in Czech, World Rogaining Championships 2002 in Czech (story no. 25 ).
No basemap - only a bunch of pencils and a compass that is a " White sheet mapping " (eg. story no. 31 ).
  • New 2007-01-02 Many things happened in 2006. The most important are described in our Olles blog. Blog that is a separate chapter - all my web attention has shifted there. I would like to change that and to interconnect blog and homepage more. I will probably totally revamp the site. If you have any ideas how to make it here better, please write me. [Ales]

    In 2006 we mapped again in Canada. This time 3 months in three Canadian provinces - Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Most of the time we (Ales, Vendy) mapped with other Czech guys Radims and Krtek. We made 12 maps in Canada in 2006. The highlights were maps for Canadian Orienteering Champs 2007 in Saskatchewan (BTW very demanding sand dune terrain for classic distance) and the other highlight sprint maps of Canadian universities - University of Alberta, Macmaster University and University of Saskatchewan.

    Other maps we made in 2006 were in Czech, Spain, Norway and Florida. The most unique terrain we mapped at was in Pyrenees in Spain. Erosion formed a complex labyrinth of badlands there. I will sure write more about the Xaragall experience.

    New 2006-11-08 We are family! Our daughter Julie was born. Hurray.

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